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10 DIY Equestrian Craft Gifts Your Mum Will Love

Mothers, they’re always there for you aren’t they? Whether it’s making sure your show kit is ready or picking you up from the floor when Dobbin has decided he doesn’t want to play.

In fact, your Mum is probably the reason you love horses in the first place…

DIY Equestrian Craft Mother's Day GiftsMother’s Day is just around the corner and nothing says “Thanks for all the mucking out, early mornings, and clean tack, Mum” like a thoughtful gift that you’ve lovingly handcrafted.

However, we’re not all craft savvy and if you don’t know one end of a Pritt stick from another it might seem like your craft projects are doomed to fail. But you can still create something gorgeous without needing a PhD in glue guns and sequins.

Here are some amazing, and not too complicated, DIY craft gifts that any equestrian mum would love…

#1 Lovely, lucky horseshoe

Let’s start with something really simple – all you need is a horseshoe, some pretty ribbon, and a can of spray paint.

Just scrub the horseshoe clean, spray it in a colour your Mum will love, and finish it off with a matching or contrasting ribbon. Hey presto, a gorgeous hanging horseshoe gift without a glue gun in sight!

Painted Horseshoe

Painted Horseshoe (source)

#2 Mumma’s got a brand new bag

If you fancy trying something a little more ambitious then why not give your Mum an equestrian clutch bag?

Whether she’s got a day at the races coming up or she’d just enjoy a new bag this upcycled sunglasses case (I know, we can’t believe it either) looks amazing and really isn’t that hard to pull off.

You can get the full instructions for this beautiful bag at Trinkets in Bloom.

Kentucky Derby DIY Clutch

Kentucky Derby DIY Clutch (source)

#3 Taking notes

Whether your Mum wants somewhere to jot down her latest dressage scores or just a little book for her scribbles and doodles this gorgeous watchband notebook has a unique and subtle equestrian feel.

DIY Watchband Notebook

DIY Watchband Notebook (source)

#4 Fabulous photo jars

Has your Mum got a snap of her favourite equine companion laying around? Make a copy and turn it into a cool photo jar in just five easy steps.

This is a great alternative to a normal photo frame and grouping a few together will make a decorative display for a windowsill or mantel piece.

Colleen’s Pet Pawtraits has an easy to follow tutorial for fabulous photo jars.

DIY Horse Photo Jar

DIY Horse Photo Jar (source)

#5 Equestrian chic

If your Mother would love to inject some subtle equestrian style into her home décor then this gift idea is ideal.

You might need to break out the glue gun for these horse bit canvasses but it’s a simple way of making a big impact. Just clean up some old bits and glue or sew them on to some fabric covered canvasses. You can even change the fabric colour to suit the rest of your Mum’s décor.

DIY Horse Bit Canvasses

DIY Horse Bit Canvasses (source)

#6 Nice cup of tea

For those of you planning a special breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day, why not serve her tea in a hand stencilled mug?

Simply use a silhouette template and some contact paper for a fun equine mug. Get some more tips for marvellous mugs here.

DIY Stencilled Mugs

DIY Stencilled Mugs (source)

#7 Paper ponies

Now, we’re not going to lie, this one is quite fiddly but if you have the time and the patience an origami horse could be a stunning alternative to the traditional Mother’s Day card.

Here are the full, detailed instructions for pretty origami ponies.

Orihami Horse

Origami Horse (source)

#8 Chalkboard horses

Another great alternative to a Mother’s Day card is a chalkboard pony with a heartfelt message on it.

Cards often end up in a box, or worse, in the waste paper bin but a chalkboard pony will make a nice ornament for years to come.

DIY Chalkboard Horse

DIY Chalkboard Horse (source)

#9 Horse hair jewellery

Horse hair jewellery has been around for hundreds of years but it has recently become a big thing. After all, there’s no better way to keep your four legged friend close to your heart.

A beautiful horse hair bracelet isn’t hard to make (here are the instructions) and no woman would turn down a piece of jewellery made especially for her.

DIY Horse Hair Jewellery

DIY Horse Hair Jewellery (source)

#10 Ring a ding, ding

Finally, speaking of jewellery, how about searching the net for some cute horse themed buttons and turning them into unusual rings?

Handmade rings are a brilliant, unique gift that doesn’t have to break the bank. Find out how it’s done here.

DIY Horse Button Rings

DIY Horse Button Rings (source)

We hope you love these craft ideas as much as we do. If you make something you think horsey mums would love please share it with us!

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