About Style Reins

Caroline Constable - Editor at Style Reins

Caroline Constable, founder & editor at Style Reins

“The Magazine Focused on Equestrian Style”

Who are we?

Style Reins is the first and currently only magazine in the UK whose main editorial focus is equestrian fashion and style.

We’re experts in equestrian style, spanning fashion, interior design, beauty and culture. Our readers love pop culture, fashion, social networking and the latest trends.

Our beliefs

At Style Reins we believe that equestrian style shouldn’t be limited to horse riders and owners alone, nor should it be consigned to those with a hefty bank balance. Anyone with an interest should be able to shop the trend.

Equestrian style can be as expensive or affordable as you make it. Here at Style Reins, we don’t discriminate, so whether you’re looking to splash the cash or get the look for less, we’re here to help.

Our personality

Whilst everything we do has equestrian roots we like to be playful and not just follow the norm or do what’s expected. We seek new opportunities and give things a go. We’re not afraid to try something different.

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