By Alice Brown

If you’re going eventing this season, or planning ahead for autumn hunter trials, then you’ll be getting your kit ready and one of the most enjoyable parts is choosing your cross country colours. The aim of the game is to choose colours that stand out, both to distinguish you from the other competitors, and to make you easy to spot when you’re out on the course. These are our top tips for choosing your cross country colours.

1. Choose your body protector colour first

Realistically speaking, the most expensive item you’ll buy will most likely be your body protector, so it may be worth purchasing that and then matching the rest of your outfit to it. The standard colours, black, navy, and green, will be the cheapest but if you have a bigger budget then there are a whole rainbow of colour options available. In fact, Racesafe even offer Lycra covers for their P2-RS body protectors, making it easy for you to choose and change your cross country colours.  Alternatively, the Airowear Reiver 010 is available in custom cross country colours.

2. Decide if you want bespoke or 'off the peg'

There are many companies offering bespoke cross country wear, so if you’re looking for something truly unique it can be easily sourced. However, if this isn’t an option then we suggest choosing a base colour which is quite common (e.g. navy, black, hunter green) to make it easy to find matching pieces from different brands and manufacturers.

3. Pick a colour which suits your horse(s)

This could be tricky if you’re competing more than one horse this season but choosing a colour which suits your horse will help you look more together. As a general rule, avoid reds and pinks with chestnut horses, pale colours stand out well on dark horses, and traditional colour combinations will always look classy.

4. Buy a complete set

If you want to ensure that all of the colours and shades of your outfit match, then you can buy complete matching cross country sets.

5. Have Fun!

There are no rules when it comes to the colours you can choose, so the world’s your oyster, and there’s nothing stopping you choosing something a little more off the wall. If nothing else, you’ll be known on the circuit for standing out on the course!