Edward Waites Talent Has Gone to His Head & It’s Wonderful


Edward Waites and his monumental horse head sculpture

We first met the amazingly talented Edward Waites at The Chelsea Flower Show in 2015 when he was exhibiting his life size sculpture of retired racehorse, Kingman so we were really pleased to hear that he’s back this year with an even bigger piece of work on display in the form of a giant horse head.

“I have made two life-size horses in previous years for the flower show and royal ascot and this year I wanted to go bigger! I wanted a strong equine subject and I always find a horses head in this pose very powerful. Previous years have proven to be a success with taking a monumental piece on the road with me to exhibitions working live on site so I’ve decided to do the same.”

Edward’s latest piece, which is currently nameless, weighs 1.5 tones and contains over 1,400 blocks of clay. Edward has been working on the horse head for around 5 months so far and it needs a further month or so of work to complete. Edward explained the stages involved in created this scuplture:

“First of all I will draw hip plans of what i want to do and then make a small maquette which is a smaller version of the big on. Scaling that maquette up is the next stage, welding up the steel armature to support the clay. I then cover the piece in a wire mesh so the clay can grip the piece and start applying it. Once finished I hope to find a client who’d like to turn it into bronze.”

Horse head sculpture in progress

Horse head sculpture in progress

You can see this wonderful piece for yourself at The Chelsea Flower Show and Royal Ascot. Edward will be working on the sculpture live in between chatting to visitors. He will have several smaller pieces of work also available to view on his stand.

The Chelsea Flower Show: 24 – 28 May 2016
Royal Ascot: 14 – 18 June 2016

Read our previous interview with Edward in our Christmas 2015 issue.

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