A Bit of Luck

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Andrea Sexton spoke to 5 top riders and trainers about their competition day rituals…

Laura Tomlinson, GB Olympian

I wear my lucky pearl earrings that are hand me downs from my granny and mum. Mum usually ties my stock for me if she’s there, but I think that’s more her ritual to combat her nerves than mine! My ritual changes with each horse but I am quite particular about what and when I eat on a test day.”

Laura Tomlinson, GB Olympian

Hannah Biggs

“I do have a lovely stock pin that I got from a show in Germany 20 years ago – that is special to me. I always leave my competition gear in the lorry ready and clean after once arriving at world class training without breeches!”

Hannah Biggs, GB Dressage Rider

Nicola Naylor

I like to wear a rather pretty stock pin that belonged to my daughter Poppy when she competed with BYRDS.  It holds lovely memories and although she stopped riding herself, her success set me on my path.

I have one piece of competition clothing unique to me which I have to wear but don’t like.  In the collecting ring I wear a white tabard with ‘blind rider’ in big black letters. I don’t like wearing it because it is unattractive and I like the style and smartness of competition gear.  I look like a road sweeper not a rider.   So if anyone wants to design a more effective and more attractive waist coat to go over my jacket in the collecting ring, I would be delighted!”

Nicola Naylor, Para-Dressage Rider

Lili Brooksby Dalby

Never wear anything new at a show. Recently I treated myself to some new breeches, it was only when I arrived at the show that I realised they were a size 6. I never will be size 6. THAT was a painful test!”

Lili Brooksby Dalby

Stef Eardley, Interactive Dressage

“I always lay out all my clothes before I get ready to check I have everything, and as I generally travel to shows on my own I like to get the horse dressed first so I don’t get dirty!

I have a really old hair band that I always wear. It’s really broken now but I can’t bring myself not to wear it!”

Stef Eardley, Interactive Dressage

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