#247ParaDressage August Takeover

Many dressage riders utilise our #247dressage Twitter channel to share the trials and tribulations of the sport. It can be tough for any rider to gain the support and sponsorship that they need to help them achieve their goals but over the past few months, we’ve been particularly impressed by the efforts and achievements of para dressage riders.

After speaking with Craig Harrison who is working towards his own Paralympic dressage dream, we came up with the idea of a ‘#247paradressage August Takeover’ which would give a voice to the many para dressage riders out there and also for people who may be able to support them to perhaps see an opportunity where they can offer help.


How to get involved with the #247paradressage August Takeover

  • Follow @247dressage and co-host @OneLegRider on Twitter so you don’t miss any tweets
  • Add the #247paradressage hashtag to all relevant tweets AND replies
  • Para dressage riders (or wannabe riders): Use this opportunity to tell the world about your hopes and dreams and what it is that people can do to help you and other para dressage riders
  • Supporters: Search the #247paradressage hashtag on Twitter and share as many posts as you can to help raise awareness. Join in with conversations with the riders to find out more about them and if there are other ways you can help.

Win a Style Reins dressage pad!

We’ll be giving away a Style Reins dressage pad each week – anyone can win! Just keep your eye out for the tweets and share them to help raise awareness.

Style Reins Dressage Saddle Pad in White

Other ways to support para dressage riders

  • Transport – Donate a dedicated horsebox or trailer or use your own vehicle to take a rider to competitions
  • Equipment – Para riders and their mounts need everything from jodhpurs and hats to saddles and bridles. Some riders may also need specialist equipment that can be expensive.
  • Horses – Some riders are lucky enough to be able to utilise a riding school horse but not all establishments allow them to be taken off the premises for competitions. This leaves many riders needing to buy and/or find their own horses which can be expensive.
  • Time – Can you help by being support crew? Help can be required with all aspects of competing from admin and driving to grooming at events. Marketing such as PR and social media management can also be a real help.
  • Money – there are many organisations (some listed below) that you can donate to in order to provide much needed funding assistance to para dressage riders. In addition, keep your eye out for individual riders who have GoFundMe and similar pages, all donations, however small they may seem are appreciated.

Further information

Massive thanks to Craig Harrison for being our #247paradressage co-host. Do please join in! Just a share of a tweet could make a huge difference to a para dressage rider: