Style Reins Launches 247 Equestrian Twitter Networking

Twitter networking has proliferated over the past few years and Style Rein’s own channels, #equestrianhour & more recently, #dressagehour have proved incredibly popular. With a  combined reach of over 20 million in May ’17 alone it’s easy to see why  individuals and businesses wish to get involved.

The one common theme of most Twitter networking communities is that they are tied to a particular hour or day. This can work well but as the number of accounts to follow and participate in grows,  and in a world where time is an increasingly precious resource, it can be difficult for people to commit themselves to be active and online at those exact times.

In response to this challenge, Style Reins has re-branded its Twitter networking channels to #247dressage and #247equestrian. This move allows the opportunity for individuals and businesses to participate at a time that suits them.

The #equestrianhour and #dressagehour weekly chats have stopped with immediate effect.

#247equestrian & #247dressage networking

The new channels will not be restricted to a specific time, but will share and engage with the tweets of their valued participants and sponsors on a daily basis, giving further opportunity to grow the audiences of all contributors. On occasion, special ‘events’ such as Q & A’s will occur but these will be well-promoted in advance to give plenty of time for people to schedule their diaries.

In addition, an increased level of equestrian and dressage news and information will be published, enabling followers to not just network, but to discover relevant and valuable content from a variety of  sources.

For those that can commit, the time-specific networking channels are a  fantastic resource but for those that prefer or need a more flexible approach, we hope that #247equestrian and #247dressage will be a welcomed initiative.

We are very excited about this new direction and look forward to ‘tweeting’ with you.  Follow our channels for news and add the hashtags to your tweets to join in – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Any questions? Get in touch…


Style Reins Autumn 2017