Alanna Clarke

I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

For as long as I can remember I have been a blue girl.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t like other colours, just that blue has always been my favourite colour and regular readers will know that I’ve been obsessed with a particular pair of electric blue riding boots for a very long time!

Some things have changed this year though and while my princess Katrina is off recovering from an injury, I have been given an amazing opportunity to ride a lovely palomino warmblood named Solaris Dzandarinna.  She hasn’t done very much and she’s certainly a character, but she is loads of fun and I feel like we are starting to form a good partnership.  So what do you wear when you are given the ride on a real life Barbie pony? Embrace the pink of course!  As soon as I knew that I would be jumping Sol in competitions, I realised that the sky was the limit in jacket colours.  Looking around I found many fabulous pieces of competition clothing in pink so I’ve added them to my Christmas wishlist!

I found the cutest pink competition jacket at just £40 in Welwyn Tack and Feeds which I treated myself to for a recent competition (pictured) and teamed it with some smart HKM breeches and a matching competition shirt.  I love the soft fleecy feel of the inside of the jacket, windproof and water repellent and it is certainly warmer than most I’ve tried.

St Tropez Jacket

As for my Christmas wishlist, I have also fallen in love with this bespoke Dressage Cut-Away jacket from Harry Hall’s gorgeous new London collection.  From £395 this is advertised as purple but it’s certainly pink toned enough to satisfy me and perfect for when Sol starts British Dressage.  I love the flash of colour and I’d be over the moon if Father Christmas left one of these for me!

Harry Hall London Cutaway Dressage Jacket

Eventing is the most traditional of the 3 main disciplines, sticking to tweeds and plain coloured jackets for the dressage and showjumping phases, but it’s no holds barred in the XC phase!  If Sol and I get to an event this year then you can bet I’ll be wearing something like this pink, Rainbow Starburst set from £25.99 at Super X Country  At least the helicopter will be able to find me!

Super X Country

If your preferences are more subtle, then I don’t think you can beat this stunning, Samshield Rose Gold Shadowmatt Helmet at £325.83 from Equiport.  I would want to team this up with a stunning navy tailored jacket with rose gold buttons, flawless white breeches and the perfectly beautiful boots featured below for a classic timeless look. So sleek!

Miss Samshield Helmet

It really wouldn’t be an Alanna blog without a pair of show stopping boots would it?  I’m going to surprise you though and not show the Secchiari electric pink boots, I just adore these navy Secchiari boots with rose gold trim from a selection at The Yard.  From £690 for standard sizes, I think these would make a stunning matchy set with the Samshield hat.

Secchiari boots with rose gold trim

What do you think? Is pink on your Christmas wishlist for this year?