Paragon Equestrian

A Style Reins Exclusive Preview: Paragon Equestrian’s New AM to PM Collection

Equestrian fashion brand Paragon Equestrian launch their exciting new collections tonight and we’re delighted to be able to share with you an exclusive preview and interview with their creative MD Hannah Dyke…

Hannah, tell us about the new collection:

We have two new collections we are launching tonight: Paragon Luxe Equestrian Sportline Collection and the Everyday Collection.

What has been the inspiration behind these?

Fashion with function. To create garments that riders can wear with confidence, style and comfort not only at the yard but garments which easily cross over into other areas of life too.

The campaign is entitled ‘Your Perfect Wardrobe from AM to PM’ Tell us about this strap line…

We wanted to show the versatility of the collection and show that each garment looks fabulous in different life situations, not only at the stables or in the saddle. We feel these new collections are a natural progression on from people wearing their riding clothing to the pub or going food shopping on the way home from the yard. We have taken that ethos one step further to embrace how great our equestrian collection looks and feels from the saddle to gym through to a night out on the town.

We’re not suggesting that you wear the same outfit directly from the stables, straight to the gym and then out in the evening but what we are saying is that if you look and feel great in your riding clothing, why should you just keep them just for the yard?

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’ve always been inspired by fashion and have always ridden so for me combining the two just felt so natural. The move towards creating performance wear which looks great away from the stables is in keeping with mainstream designer sports brands which have moved their brands forward successfully: Creating technical gym wear that you want to wear all day, every day.

What is important to you in riding garments?

Feeling and looking great is important but also, having riding clothing that performs exceptionally well is also key. Many of the garments are styled in technical fabrics which have superb stretch, great shape retention and are breathable and wick away moisture. Because looking good doesn’t include looking sweaty right?!

Here’s your sneak preview of the new AM To PM Collection which launches tonight at 7pm:

Photography by: Paul Astley Photography