Style Reins VIP FAQ

  • How does Style Reins VIP work?

In line with each issue of Style Reins Magazine (4 per year) our editor will carefully curate a box of gorgeous equestrian style goodies for you and your home. Pieces will be styled from a mix of specialist equestrian, handcrafted, high street and Style Reins products.

Each VIP box will contain 3 to 6 pieces plus a fabulous print copy of Style Reins Magazine for you to enjoy.

The actual products are a wonderful surprise as we keep the contents secret until after the boxes start shipping.

P.S. We will NEVER send you samples like some subscription companies do. You will always get a full size, super-stylish product!

  • How much does a VIP Gold subscription cost?

VIP boxes cost £139 for UK delivery and £179 worldwide including postage and packing for 4 boxes including delivery (one per quarter).

  • What’s the value of the products in the box?

The average RRP of the products in the box is £50.

  • Can I buy a single Style Reins VIP box?


Not currently. Only subscribers can receive VIP boxes.

  • Where do you ship to?

We are based in the UK but send our boxes all over the world! In fact around 30% of our boxes ship to the USA, we also send regular boxes to Australia, Canada, South Africa and various European countries. Postage charges are included in all boxes.

  • Can I buy Style Reins Magazine on it’s own?

Yes you can! Subscribe to our handy travel sized magazine from just £19.99 per year for a combined print and digital subscription and digital only subscriptions are free!

  • What if I don’t like the items in the box?

We want you to be happy with your purchase so whilst we can’t exchange individual items we will give a full refund as long as the whole box is returned unused within 14 days. Please note that the purchaser is responsible for return postage fees.

  • What if the items are damaged or defective?

We pack our boxes very carefully but if a piece becomes damaged in transit or has another defect we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Please contact us for any other help or assistance you may need with regards to Style Reins VIP.

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